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About us

Charity Foundation Dharma was created in 2001 and is aimed to offer each child the kind of help they specifically need. It is important to us that the aid we give would not be limited to only one instance of charity, on the contrary we want it to be able to change the situation for good. Over the years we have found many people that think alike and with whose support we can bring our ideas to life.

Our mission:
To care for each child from the moment of their birth until their own wings are strong enough to carry them.

Our vision:
To contribute to the development of Estonia into a kind of society that is made up of self-sufficient people.

We believe that a society can reorganize itself so that disadvantaged people cease to be and thus the need for charity disappears. The environment that a child grows up in greatly influences their outlook on future and that is why our work relies strongly on preventive activities – we work to create an environment that is supporting of and educational to the child or young person. Children and teenagers who grow up feeling safe and surrounded by a caring and constant social network become self-sustainable grown-ups who know how to help others.

What we do helps children grow up to be decent people. We are especially dedicated to families that have children and are experiencing economical hardships, large families and children without parental care.

Our charter.

  • Charity Foundation Dharma is a member of EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network) Estonian member www.eapn.ee (opens in a new window).
  • Charity Foundation Dharma is a member of VATEK (Estonian Mental Health and Well-Being Coalition) www.eapn.ee (opens in a new window).
  • Charity Foundation Dharma is a member of the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations.
  • Charity Foundation Dharma belongs to the list of non-profit associations and foundations that are except from income tax.
  • In our work we follow the code of ethics of non-profit organizations (opens in new window).

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