Auli Lõoke, the managing director of the union of persons with mobility impairment

The children with mobility impairment have found a true friend in Dharma.

It is thanks to Dharma that we could celebrate the birthday of the mobility-impaired children’s summer camp once again this summer. This camp is held for the entire family and thus also gives the parents a chance to relax from the daily routine. Be it a competition or staging a play, everyone participates – the children, family members, volunteers and camp organizers. The aim of the camp is to engage children in activities that might at first glance be unusual for disabled children – like martial arts or shooting from a sporting rifle. A disability must not be a hindrance to children!

The Dharma family has also contributed greatly so that mobility-impaired children can use the help of a walking robot in the Tallinn Children’s Hospital. This grand charity project was brought to life with the help of Dharma donation telephones.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

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