Benefactions at the Entertainment Awards party


We were a charity partner at Kroonika’s Estonian Entertainment awards party. Guests were able to participate in a charitable roulette by entertainment portal Paf led by Allar Levandi, where guests could donate the gained money either to the Estonian Nature Fund or us.

Allar Levandi said he was pleased to see that so many of the guests took the time during the partying to do a good deed as well. “Celebrities that gathered to the party showed that they do not have problems with luck, and we raised a decent total amount, with which a lot of good can be done," he said. Paf added its own amount to the money won by the players and a total amount of 1000 euros was raised during the evening, of which 700 euros was donated to us and 300 euros to ENF. The money donated to us is used to pay for the hobby groups and training of those children who are raised by their grandparents.

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