Children are special

Children with special needs

We have taken it on as a heartfelt mission to contribute to the life quality of special needs children. The homepage of the web portal “Ratastool” (“Wheelchair”) states: a disability isn’t a disease or a calamity, a disability is a way of life. We are certain that that’s just the way it is but our society and sometimes even special needs people themselves do not yet believe in it. That is why we support activities that raise the self-esteem of young people with special needs and give them a chance to try out new things.

In 2007 we created the Indrek foundation from which we support various activities aimed at disabled young people. With the help of the foundation we have had the chance to support many good initiatives but many other good ideas to make the lives of young people with special needs a bit easier and happier are still waiting for donations.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

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