The #DharmaChallenge that is happening in the Workplace Sports Month in April invites employees of businesses and organizations to take action and start moving towards a common goal. This way they will support sport-loving children from large families.

The principle of #DharmaChallenge is: "Steps by Heart, Sum by Heart".

We invite the employees of every business or organization to set a common goal of mobility for their Workplace Sports Month – for example, everybody tries to walk at least 10,000 steps a day or collectively collect a thousand push-ups by the end of the month. We hope that the company and the organization, for their part, will make a commitment to donate to this charity fund the Dharma amount that each organization decides according to its size and capabilities.

Dharma buys sports equipment for growing young athletes from families with at least four or more children.

#DharmaChallenge is a good way to participate in Workplace Sports Month and as a team to contribute to a charitable goal, and to promote exercise in the organization.


How to participate?

  1. Take the decision to participate! The initiative to participate is always welcomed – whether it comes from the employees themselves or from the management.
  2. Define specific goals – decide on the style of the movement (for example, walking or running, dancing, push-up, etc.), the desired result (number of steps, number of times or duration of exercise, number of push-ups, etc.) and the amount the organization intends to donate to the future of young athletes from large families.
  3. About your participation and goals, please inform the Charity Fund Dharma at dharma@dharma.ee. You can join the # DharmaChallenge until the end of April!
  4. We invite all participating organizations and companies to post information in social media about their participation and goals in #DharmaChallenge.
  5. It would make us so happy if the participants invite other organizations and companies to participate in #DharmaChallenge!

And the movement begins! Movements can be counted on modern activity monitors, step counters, or just by conscience. It's important to move around. If you wish, you can upload your movements to the mobile app in Estonian - FIT 100 (SportID International), which you can download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


#DharmaChallenge in (social)media

Dharma reflects the participating businesses in social media and television. Also introduces, within the limits of appropriateness, children applying for support and their sporting activities.

In their social media channels, Dharma also shares weekly tips on how to accommodate more movement into a day.

When you post yourself, use #DharmaChallenge.

Together with the Charity Foundation Dharma's contribution, we help to buy sneakers, bicycles, skates to the future stars or whatever helps the young person to spread their wings.

At the end of the campaign, the Charity Foundation Dharma will send framed thank you letters to the companies and organizations involved in the project.


Large families

In Estonia, there are on average 1600 families with four or more children. There are 7500 children in these families. The key word in everyday life of a large family is sharing: sharing space, time, work, entertainment, joy, concern, responsibility, love.

Families with at least four children live in rural rather than urban settlements, so their access to sports facilities is more limited, while the opportunity to engage in different sports in the wild is much greater than in the case of children living in the city. If only they'd have sports equipment and means.

A lot of talented Estonians come from large families. For instance, Erki Nool, the 4th child of a family of six children.


Children from large families receiving support from #DharmaChallenge

We are waiting for applications for sports equipment, gear or clothing for athletes aged up to 17 years who are growing up in a family with four or more children.

A letter of recommendation from a physical education teacher or trainer and a letter of motivation containing the following information is required to apply for support:

- Full name and date of birth

- School, club and / or sports school, sport or sports they are active in

- Existing athletic achievements

- Sporty goals

- A description of the sports equipment, gear or clothing needed

- Number and age of siblings

- Parent's contact

Letter of motivation with a letter of recommendation from the teacher, tutor or coach please email at dharma@dharma.ee or at Türi 10d, 11313 Tallinn by 20 April 2019 at the latest. by 20 April 2019 at the latest

Beneficiaries are decided by the Council of Dharma SA.


About the Workplace Sports Month

In April, for the third time, the Workplace Sports Month is celebrated under the leadership of the Estonian Olympic Committee. Inviting people to be active and move around in the workplace or with their colleagues and inviting employers to create opportunities for movement for their employees.

Effective work and regular exercise are directly related. A person who regularly moves is healthier, happier and stronger, and has more good thoughts, better concentration, and higher productivity. So regular movement is beneficial for both the individual and his employer.

Read more on the EOC website www.eok.ee/liikumisharrastus/teemakuud/tookohaspordikuu




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