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Family counselling

Even though most parents wish their children well and raise them as well as they can, unfortunately not all parental skills are born with the birth of the child. Sometimes learning to be a parent is a long and difficult process and a family needs all kinds of support to achieve it. We help families such as these through the help of our network of support people who advise parents on how to take care of their children and how to create a safe and educational environment for them.

To offer families our support we have since 2005 organized training courses and by now approximately 400 support people have been trained to help with the following:

  • guiding parents in rearing their children
  • monitor the safety of a child within the family
  • keep the social worker or child protection specialist informed on the changes in the family
  • notify the family of its rights and opportunities to seek help


If you wish for the help of a support person, don’t hesitate to contact one of Dharma’s regional centres for support people.

If you wish to take part in support person training we would ask you to read further about our training programme and fill out an application form.

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