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The Foundation for Young People from Foster Homes

There are many capable teenagers living in foster homes and orphanages whose plans to study on we can acknowledge and support.

 Unfortunately the young people who have grown up in foster homes are usually worse off as grown-ups
(a lower income, bigger unemploy-
ment rate, more frequent risk-taking behaviour) and the main reasons for that is their lower level of education. This is why in 2009 we established a foundation for young people from foster homes.

The first and biggest supporter of the fund was the publishing company Petrone Print who donates 1000 euros from their children’s book sales every year(until the 2013). So that we could shape the future of children living in foster homes all together, we are looking forward to donations from other companies as well.


In 2013 the grant amounts of scholarships were:

  • 250 euros for basic school graduates
  • 400 euros for secondary school graduates


An application from would need to be filled out to apply for a scholarship. In the application form the applicant would need to describe their progress and present us with a description of their foster home.

The scholarships and their amounts will be decided by a committee put together from the representatives of Dharma, Petrone Print and the Association of Estonian Foster Home Workers.

The scholarship foundation grantees and grant amounts thus far.

The grant amount from Petrone Print depends on the sales of three children’s books –"Siis, kui seened veel rääkisid", "Kust tuli pilv?" ja "Marta varbad"  müügituludest.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

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