The Helle Randam Scholarship

You are a diligent student from a family raising six or more children and are in need of some support studying in the university? Just for you we have created the Helle Randam Scholarship Foundation in cooperation with Helle and Leo McGuire.

We welcome all students to apply for the scholarship, whether they are first-years or not. The amount of the scholarship is 1000-1500 euros. The scholarships will be granted and the sum decided by a committee put together from the representatives of Dharma, the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organizations, NENO (or EMSL in Estonian) and the Estonian Association of People Supporting Large Families. A scholarship is given for a single academic year but you can apply again and be granted scholarships for the entire duration of your studies. If you are chosen for the scholarship we will sign a contract with you and at the end of the academic year you would have to present us with the report on how you used the grant.

To apply for the starting academic year you would need to submit your application by the end of August.

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