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The Luiga Foundation

In 2006 Sten Luiga founded The Luiga Foundation as a sub-foundation in Dharma. With this foundation he wished to support a subject field that deserves more attention from the society than it has received thus far. Whilst the importance of physical health has reached the awareness of people by now, it is mental health that is not yet valued enough. But many phenomena like alcoholism, broken families, large numbers of single mothers, unemployment, the rising number of suicides, and crimes against a person stem from the inability to solve mental problems early on or receive help and advice in a situation where helping does not yet include medical intervention.

Sten believes that the topic of the nation’s mental health would benefit from being objectively reflected in the media, from taking on a scientific approach to creating a preventive system and launching it effectively. For these reasons the people designed to receive the grants based on the foundation’s yields are people of science, also journalists that have stood out with reflecting the topic in the media and administrators that have excelled in running mental health facilities.

Sten has brought forward two reasons for creating the sub-foundation and choosing that particular field of charity:

  • To keep alive the memory of his grand-grandfather Georg Eduard Luiga whose returning of assets provided the chance to create a sub-foundation. Georg Eduard Luiga was a journalist, managing editor and editor-in-chief in Estonia Daily (Eesti Päevaleht) during 1908-1934.
  • To continue the life work Georg Eduard Luiga’s cousin and colleague form his days in Estonia Daily – Juhan Luiga. Juhan Luiga was one of the most recognized psychiatrists in the Baltic States who had published various lengthy research papers on mental health of Estonians during the beginning of the previous century.


The investment capital of the foundation is 32,000 euros from the yields of which grants and scholarships are granted according to the sub-foundation’s statute. Applicants to an academic degree, scientists and journalists can also apply for the foundation’s rewards and grants. Everyone whose studies, scientific pieces of work or exploits have been in order to prevent the spread of mental diseases, in order to cure said diseases or who have contributed to providing self-help to the mentally ill, who have contributed to crating or improving a system to protect people with mental illness, or who have adequately reflected the field of topics in the media.

The foundation accepts applications all year long. The year closes on 30th April. The applications will be looked through within a month and the beneficiaries to a grant or scholarship will be decided by 31st May. The minimal amount for a reward or a scholarship is 1300 euros.

The Luiga Foundation beneficiaries thus far: scholarships.

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