Luule Palmiste, chief specialist on social work at Jõgeva parish

We can’t change the direction of the wind but we can adjust the sails.

We began to work more closely together in 2009 when Dharma invited the people of Jõgeva parish to their support people training. By now we have already trained 15 support people for Jõgeva in cooperation with Dharma.

The support people have taught families with basic subsistence difficulties how to use their finances, have supported them when dealing with procedures and paperwork, and helped them find opportunities to better their situation. Dharma has also taught support people to find the time and willingness to listen to children and mediate between the child and parent should disagreements arise.

Added to that, in cooperation with Dharma we have gifted knitwear to the children living in the Metsatareke orphanage in Siimusti. The large families in the parish have received clothing, footwear, beds, chairs and washing machines donated to the charity foundation. Together we helped change apartment windows for a disabled young person who had already left their foster home to live by themselves and study at a university.

Dharma’s aim is to help better the situation of children, and at least with the families living in the Jõgeva parish they have definitely succeeded.

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