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Need a support person

Support people are people who manage their own lives well and are ready to share their experiences and skills with you.

A support person can offer support not only for the child but for the whole family.

Where to turn?

The services provided by a support person are organized by the local government. That is why to receive such services you would have to turn to your local social worker. Unfortunately a lot of local governments don’t offer support people services or don’t reimburse it, but you can nevertheless always ask. Services can always be facilitated when people express their wish to receive them.

Also, everyone has the possibility to notify a social worker of a person who might be in need of a support person. Based on the given information a social worker can step into action themselves and find out whether and which kind of help that specific person would need.

Another way to receive such services is to contact the NGOs that belong to our network , and are in touch with support people. All the support people in our network have completed their training.

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