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Our staff


Besides our employees and council members our team includes everyone supporting the foundation, thanks to whom we can bring our ideas to life. Our team also includes the support people for families, municipal social workers and child protection specialists and everyone else that take notice of children and care about their welfare.


Tiina Parmasto
Although Tiina is a charity fund manager since 2013, she has a great part in Dharma´s earlier projects. As a training manager for many years, she has been prepareing the vast majority of the Dharma family support persons and believes that with such people, the world can be change better.


Marianne Zaigermaher
Marianne is exactly as a perfect charity foundation accountant should be. She sees through and beyond all the debits and credits, and always thinks of the children behind the numbers. She is not only incredibly accurate and diligent in financial accounting but also a valuable advisor in all that the foundation does. She spends her free time with the same thoroughness and goodwill, either getting a game on with one of her grandchildren or cooking up something delicious.


Annely Roosileht


Olivia Parmasto

Charity Foundation Dharma’s board includes Tiina Parmasto and Tarmo Keskküla. The council is made up from Urmas Sõõrumaa (chairman of the council), Malle Eenmaa, Heldur Meerits, Indrek Luukas, Sten Luiga, Allar Levandi and Jüri Tamm. Urmas Sõõrumaa is the founder of the foundation.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

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