You can help

Support as company

If you feel the responsibility towards the society, and believe that weakest should be helped, then support our actions. Donation is tax-deductible.

Support a project that matters to you the most

If you have specific field where you would like to contribute, please let us know, and we use your donation precisely for that purpose.

When doing and donation, add an explanation of donations whether it is for:

  • children in the care of grandparents
  • young people in foster homes
  • children with special needs
  • supporting families financially
  • family counselling
  • improving mental health

If you happen to have ideas how to improve the situation of children, please contact us. Together we can figure out how to realise your idea and how would be its impact on the children's situation.

Donate items

If your company has products that can give warm or new knowledge, provide joy or enhance self-esteem, Dharma will help reach your products to these children in need who often can´t even dream of those things.
Contact us and be our partners.

Good deeds with your work colleges

There are endless amount of ways how you can make a good deed in your workplace.
For example companies have collected books, christmas presents, school supplies that Dharma have delieverd to children in need.
Anyone who has participated at least once in such ventures, have remained our partners, because in addition to helping children, it also gives great joy working together.

Contact us, for discussing exactly what kind of help will be needed, and how your company can help.

Charity event

Organize to your employees, customers or partners an event, with purpose to collect donations for supporting children. For example, you could ask to make a donation instead of flowers and gifts, or invite guests to donate.

There are also others ways to make a good purpose for your event, contact us and let´s do together a great event.

Charitable product

Donate a portion of your income from the sale of the product to support children. It draws attention to your product and demonstrates corporation´s social responsibility and helps children to grow.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

I want to help