Support Person Basic Training

The purpose of the training: to prepare people for supporting their families, who need guidance and advice for overcoming hardships, taking care of their children in a better way and ensuring a proper environment for their development.

Group size:  20 persons

Lecturers:  Mari Viik, Pille Murrik, Tiina Parmasto, Piret Peters, Ene Augasmägi, Merike Kahju, Milvi Igalaan, Katariina Matross, Pille Alaver

“Support Person Basic Training“ a total of 120 academic hours of class work:

  • Communication processes 16 ak/h
  • Support Person´s Ethic 8 ak/h
  • Family, Relationships, Cooperation 8 ac/h
  • Affecting skills, stress management 16 ac/h
  • Practical teaching in coping 8 ac/h
  • Debt Counseling 8 ac/h
  • Legislation 8 ac/h
  • Networking 8 ac/h
  • Nonviolent communication 8 ac/h
  • The family, relationships – visiting family 8 ac/h
  • Alcoholism and/as disability 8 ac/h
  • Drug Addiction 4 ac/h
  • Child abuse 4 ac/h
  • Supervision 8 ac/h

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