Triin Karolin, a support person in Võrumaa

I don’t point and criticize but help how I can.

My first acquaintanceship with what a support person does took place completely by coincidence. I had been going to baby school with my daughter and then an e-mail arrived via the mailing list looking for participants to a Dharma support people basic training. There was a competition. I managed to be one of the people chosen.

I am still thankful to that coincidence, that I took part in the training and already as a trainee got to be a support person for the first family, a family whom I am helping even now. At the moment I am trying to be a support person to 9 families with children, and a teenage girl. I work on a contract all over Võrumaa – from Antsla to the small village of Ruusmäe. The families I work with are nice and cooperative. They have always let me in and I feel that I am a welcome guest, especially welcomed by the children of course.

In my new line of work I have seen how many people there are in Estonia who would want to help and who are already helping. I have asked for many things for my families, either clothes or children’s supplies through Facebook and at one time I had received so many I had to ask the Võru city government for rooms to keep them in. So now I have this Things For Free Shop where families can come and choose what they need. And not only the families under my care but also under the care of other support people here in Võrumaa. And of course I always gladly take in new items for the shop.

So what do I do as a support person? I feel that the biggest gain from what I do is that from my visit the mood of the family improves, they become more self-confident and dare to ask for help. I don’t point and criticize but help where I can. I am also glad that the children in my families go to small Võrumaa schools where teachers have the time and energy to keep an eye on them. In case problems arise, the teachers will contact me and we will look for a solution together.

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

I want to help