We are looking for benefactors!


Dharma Charity Foundation and the Union for Child Welfare announce the "Benefactor 2013" contest.

The purpose of the contest is to show appreciation to citizens, who contribute to the welfare of children daily – those who carry out their duties with special eagerness and cordiality, and also those who, besides other activities, perform good deeds in their spare time.

Suggestions about who deserve highlighting among those people, who contribute to the well-being of children, can be submitted by people, civic associations, state and local government agencies and also organizations.

Täpsemalt saad lugeda konkursi statuudist.

Kirjuta meile heategija@dharma.ee ja anna koos lühikese põhjendusega teada, kes on Sinu arvates suurim heategija! On ju tänu nende inimeste igapäevastele heategudele meie laste elu päikselisem.

Heategijaid täname 3. juunil toimuval tänuüritusel.

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